Las Vegas is known popularly for its casinos. People from all over the world go to Las Vegas, to enjoy the full thrill of gambling, with the spice of good drinks and good music. However, there are people who would rather stay away from all that; the expensive restaurants, the over crowded lounges, the jet lag, among other things. Some people would rather enjoy the entire experience of being in a casino, but from the comfort of their homes.

    Live casinos offer an exciting experience, as it’s like being in a real life casino. The dealers are live and the game is shown through a live streaming platform. The interaction with the live dealers makes the experience feel like being on the casino floor. Users can play casino games such as Live black jack, live roulette and live baccarat, where you can interact with live dealers in quite the same way as at a land based casino. Users want all of these features, without having to travel or leave their locations.

    The added feature of being able to communicate with the dealers,being able to interact with any player at your table(As a rule,online casino games prohibit you from getting in touch with other participants) and the fact that live casinos are played in real time.

    The Need to Integrate Live Casinos Into the Online Casino Platform

    The high demand for the real time experience of live casinos, is the first need that would be mentioned. Users want the feeling of being in a real life casino. Inclusion of this feature, would increase user participation and interest.

    The Live casino feature in the online casino platform, would also add to the options to which users can choose from. They’re no longer limited to the traditional online casino style, but are now able to choose.

    One main purpose of online casinos is to entertain. Live casinos are sure to increase the entertainment level of users because it gives them the real life casino experience; the atmosphere and tension, just like in a real casino.

    Things to Look When Choosing a Live Casino Platform

    When choosing a live casino platform to play in, these are the things to look out for:


    Today, cyber criminals and hackers are on a rampage on the internet, to find a way to access the personal information and finances of people. When choosing a live casino, it is very important that users look out for the extent these live casinos go to protect their personal data and adequately encrypt their data and secure their financial database and servers from these threats.


    A gambler will surely face some problems at one point or the other while on the platform. The availability of a good customer care service that is always ready to solve any issues that arises, ranging from problems with connection, financial transaction challenges and to just simple questions on how Live casinos work, is another factor to look out for. On some online gaming platforms, to find any information concerning their services, “Click site” options are provided, while some create chat rooms where you can talk directly with one of their agents.


    Live Casinos should have various games it offers, purely for the entertainment of its users. Games like live baccarat, poker, roulette, among others. Therefore, it is good to pick a live casino that has a variety of games to offer.


    Look out for a casino platform that isn’t limited to one or two devices. Pick one that is compatible with all types of gaming devices, so no matter the location and type of device involved( Smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop), the games can be thoroughly enjoyed.


    A good live casino platform will offer mouthwatering and huge bonuses, discounts, to either first time users or regular users. These incentives would increase motivation and excitement to play and participate.


    In the online casino business,the live casino is in high demand, as users are interested in playing live games with dealers. Integration of live casinos to gambling platforms is very important and is a smart move, to ensure the growth of your igaming platform.

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